"Jason Whiteman is clearly the Best Auctioneer in Western Australia and one of the best in Australia.
His style relaxes the crowd, engages the bidders and gives the vendors confidence that they achieved the maximum result. There is not a situation in real estate that has not confronted Jason.

His experience, upbeat attitude and ability means he's the only choice when it comes to selecting an Auctioneer."

– John Wall, Top 40 under 40 award winner 2001, CEO Sugar International.

"Jason presents as a very confident, competent Auctioneer, who engages the crowd and makes them feel relaxed, which is very important and a big point of difference to his competitors. Jason has been our Consultant Auctioneer for a number of years and constantly delivers results.

He has been well regarded by our sellers. Jason is a good listener, a good auction strategist, working both his sales representative and the seller to get the best result."

– Brad Carey, Joint Managing Director Sales & Investments, DTZ

"Jason is an outstanding Auctioneer. Energetic, professional, charismatic, engaging and knowledgeable. He combined just the right degrees of showmanship and Real Estate savvy to engage the crowd and draw out the best possible result on the day. I have been in Real Estate for 15 years as a principal. Over that time my firms have taken many properties to Auction. Jason recently ran an auction for us at Roberson Realty and did an outstanding job in a very tough market.

We would definitely use him again. He pulled all the elements of the Auction together and orchestrated the event better than Auctioneers we have seen in action in the past."

– Peter Robertson, Principal, Robertson Realty

"I regard Jason Whiteman as simply the best Auctioneer that I have encountered in my 5 years at Ray White Victoria Park. I have used his services on many occasions and on all occasions he has delivered a top quality service. He provides me with important information for the owners pre-auction, impeccable dress standard and presentation, an ability to create rapport with the audience and the skills required to get as many live bids as possible for the owner of the property. Other auctioneers may have some of these skills, but Jason is very rare in that not only does he possess all these skills, but he also has an intrinsic understanding of the overall selling process and how to relate to both sellers and buyers to give them the best possible chance of achieving a sale on the auction day."

– Lachlan Clark, Property & Sales Consultant Ray White Victoria Park

Jason Whiteman and I have conducted in excess of 100 auctions together over the last 4 years or so. Our partnership has created an enviable sales record achieving a high percentage of sales under the hammer. However, regardless of our public success or otherwise, Jason's performance as an auctioneer is always first class.

The measure of an auctioneer is not what happens when there is lively bidding. It's what they do when there isn't. And even with our success there are also plenty of those times. Jason's performance here is extraordinary with attendees walking away having seen a show. The esteem of the agent in maintained, the owners are reassured and importantly the property is sensibly positioned ensuring a sale is near for both the sellers and agent.

Jason Whiteman is my only choice of auctioneer. He has the knack of timing, creating urgency and extracting decisions when required. He is also skilled at creating time when needed on those occasions when a deal is close and we are seeking to complete the sale from the floor. I have no hesitation in placing Jason in front of my target marketplace. He remains always frank and sensitive with sellers whilst maintaining intensity with buyers. He is skilled at always making them feel as at ease as possible. As we both say. "People give in to courtesy."

– Ian Bloxham, The Ian Bloxham Team (Ray White Auction Office of the Year – Runner Up)

"We were very impressed with the professionalism shown by Jason. He had the crowd interested and the genuine bidders keen to continue with the process moving quickly. During the bidding we found Jason very clear and concise in his direction of the auction. He made clear the Vendor instructions to both the crowd and bidders and also included several positive comments of our own agency. Whilst we have not had many auctions in our remote area, both our staff and the crowd were impressed with Jason's conduct at the auction with several parties advising me as such.

Jason was also happy to assist in providing advice before and after the auction to both staff and prospective bidders. We would have no hesitation in employing Jason White again for any future auctions we may have."

– Valda Mckeen, Agency Owner/Licensee East Kimberley Real Estate.

"Jason has the ability to create massive amounts of energy at his Auctions. Combining this energy and a vast understanding of the real estate industry, he has a skill of being able to captivate the crowd and draw the bids from the buyers. Jason has made every Auction that I have seen a great marketing event; this can only reflect positively on your marketing campaign.

Every Auction he has done for me has been full of excitement and activity. No two Auctions are the same with Jason, he has a fantastic talent to be able to read the crowd and deliver whatever is necessary in every situation."

– Clayton Gibbs, LJ Hooker City Residential Future Champions Graduate

"I have been fortunate enough to have Jason Whiteman call the majority of my Auctions, Jason is always my first pick when taking a property to Auction. His professionalism is outstanding; he creates a perfect atmosphere with humour, talent and tenacity in extracting bids.

I would certainly recommend Jason very highly to anyone who is looking for the best Auctioneer around."

– Sarah Kinsey, Principal Ray White Uxcel

"Jason is by far the best auctioneer that I've seen for a long time. He has high energy and is able to control the bidders and the whole auction process with ease. The times that I have used Jason to call an auction, the properties have sold 100% of the time under the hammer, you can't get better than that!"

– Frank Frisina, LJ Hooker Gosnells (REIWA 10-15 Million Dollar Club)

"As a new Real Estate Licensee and License Auctioneer myself, I make an effort to attend local Auctions whenever possible. I attended about 15 Auctions in December and was most impressed with the efforts of Jason White at an Auction in Mount Claremont. Jason's call was entertaining, educated and enthusiastic and I made sure to approach him afterwards for one of his cards with every intention of utilising his services for Here Realty. He kept the crowd engaged the entire time, had obviously done his homework on recent local sales evidence and was always aware that he was representing the Listing Agency and as such, gave them appropriate promotion."

– Anthony Hayes, Licensee Here Realty

"A few years ago I found myself visiting a number of Auctions to compare the different styles and techniques of the Auctioneers and one Auctioneer stood out from the rest at that time and that person was Jason Whiteman. Jason's approach to the Auction was not only professional but also entertaining. The manner in which he handled the prospective purchasers made them relax and they were encouraged to participate and on many occasions a better than expected sales result was achieved.

My clients the Vendors were impressed with the time that he spent with them to understand what their expectations were. How he assessed the situation then used his negotiating skills and worked with me as the listing agent to ensure that a deal was reached between the parties. These are all important skills and not all Auctioneers have them and at the end of the day when it came to appointing an Auctioneer to handle the sale of my property I had no hesitation in appointing Jason."

– Sarah Muir, Principal Sara Muir Real Estate.

"I think of Jason as a brilliant, vibrant and highly skilled Auctioneer. He is totally passionate about the Auction method of selling property and this has been reflected in all of the Auctions I have seen him call regardless of whether or not the property sold under the hammer. He is precise and assertive in applying his given rights as an Auctioneer to sell a property on behalf of the Seller. Jason has the amazing ability to auction off a large number of properties using the Auction Room arena and be just as excited about the last property as the first cab of the rank.

His endless enthusiasm creates an electric atmosphere that makes selling by Auction a definite choice for those people present that weren't quite convinced before seeing Jason in action. He applies exactly the same enthusiasm to an onsite Auction of an inexpensive unit as he does to a high profile home in the best suburb."

– Jan Di Rosso, Sales consultant Ray White Uxcel

"A very professional caller. Always looking to improve the end result. I have seen Jason in action as well as many other auctioneers. Jason would be one of the best I have seen in Perth He is more professional than the others that I have seen. You also get a level of confidence with Jason from talking with him and hearing his call."

– Jan Di Rosso, Manager Team Kinsey

"I represent a national mortgage realisation company that liquidates repossessed properties on behalf of some of the largest financial institution across the country. Our client's in almost every case request this process is facilitated by auction. This lead me some two years ago to be introduced to Jason by one of my listing agents and that day saw my first property sold under the hammer. From the moment I arrive to prepare for the start of the auction, I was given an education on what SHOULD be done in comparison to the numerous auctioneers I had used prior to meeting Jason.

So what was / is so different?

  • He immediately sought me out to introduce himself and get familiar with my processes and instructions
  • His level of preparedness and rehearsal of spec and features of the property were quite remarkable
  • He engaged the potential participants of the auction and got a feel for where they were at during the/an auction
  • Jason know the terms & conditions verbatim and can get them delivered without losing the momentum and interest of the crowd
  • His delivery is projected in a very powerful voice with a style that is authoritative yet very engaging and laced with an abundance of humour and audience interaction. He runs the auction - not the bidders and he can read the whole auction process and where his bidders are placed at every twist and turn along the way
  • He achieved the reserve price and then consulted with me that there was money left on the table - and he got it
  • When he used vendor bids – he did so EXACTLY as per my instructions and amounts post auction
  • Jason's knowledge of the law and paperwork requirements often has rescued an inexperience realtor team. He marshalls both the bidders and the agents until the whole process has been completed. (In subsequent auctions where reserve was not met – immediately on passing in the property has coached the listing agent into working the bidders into providing their best offer.)

From that first auction - Jason became MY auctioneer. Every contract I went to market with and had to get appraisal compiled by agents I specified for all of them to factor his services into the submission. Initially a few of them were uncomfortable with this request until they witnessed his performance and nearly all of them have retained his services now of their own volition.

Since that first fateful meeting with Jason Whiteman, our pairing has seen my company's success at auctions go from 8% to 67.3%. By this I qualify that the property was sold under the hammer - or with a party from the auction and ensuing negotiations with them.

Whilst Jason is aware that I stipulate his services to my agents in advance, this has never altered his approach or level of professionalism in the dozens of auctions he has performed for me. His punctuality is without peer as is his immaculate presentation in dress standards and personal grooming.

Not only is it without reservation, I would recommend his services to any seeking to engage him - I would vehemently question those who want the most successful and stress free outcome who don't.

If I can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Kind Regards,
Nick Clayton
Property Realisations Pty Ltd

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